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Male Menopause and Treatments

Just like women, men can also go through menopause like symptoms, which is known as male menopause (antropause). The main difference between the male and female form of menopause is drop in hormones. The main cause of menopause on women is sudden drop in hormones. However, the testosterone levels on men drop very slowly as they get older. On the other hand the drop of testosterone on men can start as early as 30 years old. But this drop is not that significant and the affects can only be noticed by the age of 70.

Male Menopause Symptoms

Here are main symptoms that can be seen on men:

· A lot less desire for sex

· Some physical changes such as hair loss, weight gain, and also hot flashes as well.

· As the testosterone drops the sleeping pattern can be affected badly and this can cause insomnia.

· Low level testosterone can cause depression. As the body goes through major changes such as hair loss and weight gain, this can also affect self-esteem as well.

How to treat male menopause?

For a start testosterone levels should be checked. Depending of the levels of testosterone, replacement therapy can be offered. However, we should also mention that this treatment can also increase the chances of prostate cancer. So, you need to make sure this treatment is necessary for you to take and should discuss the advantages and disadvantages with a specialist thoroughly.

On the other hand you can do other things that would help you as well. For instance, a healthy diet and regular exercise. You must include lots of vegetables and fruits to your daily diet. You also need to reduce your fat intake as well. Minimise your alcohol consumption.

Along with a healthy diet, regular exercise also can increase your energy levels. You can also tone your body and fight against to weight. Exercise can also help your mood and can help you to focus more.

If you are suffering from depression, you must consult to your doctor. If you don’t deal with a depression, it can cause further risks in your life. So, you need to open up and talk to others and share the problems that bother you.

Herbal Remedies

Before using any herbal remedies, you should always ask your doctor. There are a lot of alternative medicines available, which claims to increase testosterone levels. However, none of these are proven methods.

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