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So What – Now What?

I made a decision to share my thoughts in this short article for the reason that each individual week I devote the day with Oprah and Super Soul Sunday. God I like that display! But quite rarely do we get to take an up close and own journey with someone as they achieve for Oprah’s lifestyle experience. We always see the last products and perhaps shots or films of how they arrived there. But audiences should be in a position to practical experience the journey, as it comes about! The magnificence of looking at her is that she is just one of us… Fierce in excess of 50! And make no slip-up that IS the type of results I am heading for! My own challenge is, I would in no way have assumed at age 58, I would have dropped my dwelling, marriage, small business, not have a continuous paycheck and returning to the relationship scene!

Now, I understand this is just a further element of our lifestyle journey. And becoming a kid of demonstrate business enterprise I have picked to get in touch with it ACT 2… Now What? My ACT 1 has been a superb journey (nicely… up till the full no property, no spouse and no enterprise) and I have been blessed on lots of amounts. I’ve executed on Broadway in hit reveals one which was Smokey Joe’s Café for which I gained a Tony Award Nomination. I have executed in CHICAGO on Broadway along with superb co-stars like Rita Wilson, USHER, BeBe Neuwirth, Brian McKnight, Lisa Rinna and Patty LaBelle. But nothing genuinely prepares you for this type of convert in your existence… about 50!

I’ve usually wanted to be an illustration for girls in their ACT 2 journey. There are tens of millions of women likely via the precise same detail. It truly is practically nothing new but there are additional and a lot more gals selecting to enter their ACT 2 by re-defining on their own. Not by “heading carefully into that goodnight” They just require a assisting hand and a Intense pair of pumps… gotta have my pumps!!

So right here I am getting into ACT 2 in all my glory (and individuals days that make you say WHAT THE… ?!). But I feel if I share my ups and downs it just may make the journey for other females a very little less difficult. I want our journey to be taken with grace, humor and enjoyment! At minimum you know everything is doable and you might be not by itself.

I certain know I have queries, feelings, fears and new thoughts (some of which modify second by second) that I would like to share and get comments.

My question of the day is, when did YOU realize your daily life experienced shifted into ACT 2? Was it so gradual that you did not feel it or was it as abrupt as listening to the equal of “they’ve decided to go more youthful!”.

A gradual change into ACT 2 appears to be so humane. Even though hearing that “heading more youthful” phrase, specifically for an actress, is fairly devastating! Especially considering that you just understood you have been nonetheless ALL THAT! Now really don’t get me incorrect I still know I’m “all that” just in a distinct way!

On a very good day I can nevertheless get all dolled up (can take a minor for a longer time but… ) go out with friends and have a terrific time! I can calmly explain to myself “The Creator has not despatched a loving spouse to me nonetheless mainly because I have items to do to get ready myself for my “new lifestyle” That attitude commonly is effective but there are days when very little I can notify myself would make me truly feel superior. There are emotions that come up that I won’t be able to describe and then leave just as immediately and the phrases “hot flash” has quite a few new meanings!

A poor working day could consist of crying, despair, insecure thoughts, sensation unattractive, loneliness, I’m unsightly, I’m excess fat and the ever popular I am going to never ever have sexual intercourse once more! That very last one is a whole other blog site in itself. But all you can think is “make sure you you should not make me get up choose a shower, brush my enamel and get dressed unless there is certainly Butter Pecan or Cookies and Cream involved!

Anyhoo, I hope this journey we choose alongside one another is brain blowing or at the very least a gentle put to land. In any circumstance let us…

Keep Fierce!

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