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Estrogen, Asthma and Black Cohosh

Some of this is not precisely news it really is been acknowledged for a very long time that there is a immediate link in between hormone substitution treatment and bronchial asthma. This is supported by the selection, ages and gender of people most most likely to acquire it. As little ones, boys prior to puberty […]

Does Estrogen Make You Fat?

In modern lesson we are going to look at why it is harder for gals approaching menopause shed bodyweight from their abdomens. I have labored with a ton of girls in my time and a whole lot of them never know what to do about it. They appear to be executing every little thing correctly […]

Estrogen – Is This Natural Hormone Slowly Killing Us?

Too much estrogen is a major problem for women and men and too many people have too much of it. Excess estrogen can accelerate aging, worsen prostate health, increase body fat and muscle atrophy, increase hair loss and cause sexual dysfunction. Women with excess non-metabolized estrogen are at greater risk for breast and uterine cancer, […]

Testosterone Treatment (Continued) – The Dangers of Negative Estrogen

Estrogens lead to guys as considerably difficulties as estrogen dominance results in in girls. There are just about 50 types of chemical compounds that we are uncovered to that exert an evil estrogen like outcome on the body. For case in point, plastics (bottled water micro-waved or frozen is worse), pesticides, and cosmetics mimic harmful […]