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Are Anti-Getting old Therapies Far too Good to Be Genuine?

There has been a great deal of chat not long ago about anti-ageing. We need to to start with glance at what specifically is getting old and how can we management it? I suppose as a Molecular Biologist and Medical doctor I should say that aging is truly an accumulation of harm to molecules, cells, […]

Soy, Balls and Testosterone

In case I lose your attention in the next 30 seconds, here’s the take home message: men who value their balls should not eat a lot of soy. Got it? The other day whilst killing a bit of time in my gym, I found myself looking at the ingredients of a well known brand of […]

Lower Body Obesity – The New Epidemic

The average female in the UK weighs around 68kg (150 pounds – 10 Stone 9oz). She is a size 10-12 top, 14-16 bottom. Her weight loss goal is 10 pounds. To be below 10 Stone is the number 1 goal for most women in London. How do I know this? I have consulted with […]

15 Hair Loss and Scalp Disorders and Their Treatments

1. Male Pattern Baldness (Androgenetic Alopecia) Inherited from either parent and typically beginning in the late teens or early twenties, this genetic hairloss is characterised by a gradual thinning of hair around the temples and/or top of the scalp. In some instances it may lead to total baldness on the top of the scalp. There […]

Purple Nose? Listen to What It really is Telling You

By paying a little bit extra consideration to your nose it can actually assist you continue to be nutritious. Possessing a pink nose can be incredibly upsetting as it can be seriously hard to cover. Affecting the two males and women of all ages equally, a really crimson nose can lead to despair and isolation, […]

Reduce Body weight, Truly feel Fantastic, Have Much better Sex – BHRT

I have some quite remarkable news for all individuals in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. As lots of of you are knowledgeable, finding into form does not basically come down to workout and a wholesome diet program, there are other aspects to contemplate. Our hormones perform a large section in our interior physiology, and if […]